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Fastest Growing Next - Generation Digital Business Automation Platform

Highly Secure, Scalable & Customizable Platform

Low Cost and Quick Deployment Cloud Hosted Solution with Complete Privacy & Security

All - in - One Intelligent Platform

Comes with Advanced E-commerce, Marketing, Analytics, Accounting & Finance, CRM, Point of Sale, Rich AI features , BOTs, to manage and unlock opportunities for your business.

Omnichannel Experience

Seamlessly connect your shoppers with their favorite products through multiple touchpoints such as Dimensions website and Mobile Apps, instore Point-of-Sales (POS), Kiosks, and build personalized customer experience

Integration with Legacy systems & Accounting Packages

With Inbuilt APIs, third party extensions, track your financial reporting and insights. Migrate your existing data from your current legacy system to dimensions in just few clicks.

Collaborative Mobile Apps

Using a fully- featured mobile app manage and control yours sales orders, inventory, reports, product discounts, customer insights, on clicks, anytime anywhere, on the go.

Business Models

Supporting trunkey B2B, B2C,C2C, Marketplace Solutions , for businesses of all sizes to accelerate their digital businesses and offer wide variety of choices to your buyers and suppliers.

Make Better Decisions

Improve business outcomes using data-driven insights and recommendations.

Increase Productivity

Create meaningful engagements to give your business comprehensive view of products and services across digital channels.

Operate Efficiently

Automate and optimize various tasks using our AI driven workflows.

Key Benefits

All in One
Ecommerce Solutions

Benefit from using a single commerce solution

Sell Across

Build and manage multi-country, Multi currency Stores and Expand the reach of your business to international markets.

Real Time Analytics
& Reporting

Gain Insights & real time reports on your orders, repeated buyers and Sellers.

Reliable. Secure.

Fully secured with sitewide HTTPS, PCI Certification, two-factor authentication.

24/ 7 Support / 360 days Customer Service

Reach out to customers across multiple text & voice platforms and BOTs

Dimensions Commerce
Run your entire ecommerce store operations from order generation
to fulfillment, tracking, shipments, taxes and financial reporting
back office needs from a single unified platform!

Order Orchestration

order capture and validation, order fulfillment, order shipment confirmation, Replace and Refunds & Tracking

Dynamic Product Catalog Management

Update and manage dynamic products and catalogs. Customize and Add new fields as per business requirements

Centralized Inventory & Customer Data

Manage your Product stock Counts, SKUs, low stock Alerts, monthly /weekly inventory projections from a single central Admin Interface. Analyze customer’s data on specific product purchases and manage your inventory and finance accordingly

Personalized Customer Interactions from the Admin Panel

Greet your customers on their special occasions, send offers, improve customer loyalty, manage wallet balances, notify customers through inbuilt customer inbox

Product Recommendation using intelligent Search

Using intelligent elastic Search improve customer’s buying decision by suggesting them relevant products based on their search criteria and improve the conversion. Using Powerful Search technology Customers and Sellers can improve their sales

Bulk Product Orders

Feature allows wholesalers, distributors to order in bulk and manage their Quotes. Sellers can set Up product configurator on front end with rules will improve repeated buys and enhace the sales revenue cycle

Improved Quote- to - Cash

With Dimensions automate QTC processes means you eliminate the manual, create flexibility to react to customer needs, create rich data/analytics and eliminate errors and mistakes along with no costly licenses to keep separate CRM and ERPs

Tax Integrations with Avalara

We make it easy to get most of your tax hassles cleared by integrating with Avalara

Dimensions Marketing

Meta Data product Management

Meta Data product Management

Promote and grow your business via social media blogs, banners and promotional content

Promote and Grow

Integrate with social media tools & third party Apps

Integrate with Social Media

Manage Sales & Marketing Analytic reports, product trends, organic/ inorganic results

Marketing Analytics

Track Your Customer Journey with Dynamic Heat Maps

Track Customers and Heat Maps

Manage your entire CRM and sales within single admin interface

Manage CRM and sales

Dimensions Analytics

Improve Your Conversions With Live Bubble Chart

  •  Actively engage EVERY customer

  •  Increase Customer engagement multifold on your store with ANALYTICS

  •  Strategize your future with ANALYTICS

Let the data work for you!

Better decisions are made with accurate data. ANALYTICS provides deeper business insights with tools for data blending and accuracy to help you retain customers, spot trends and increase revenues.

Get insights on where your business is going!

Our AI-driven analytics show you how your business is performing, where it’s trending and also allow you to identify customers at risk.

Dimensions Marketing

AI powered configurable Bot as per your needs

AMI is not a traditional conversation engine, but an AI driven machine that is built with acquired learning and programmed for evolution.

Dimensions Marketing

Unlock The Store

With Dimensions Mobile Apps, manage and control your sales orders, inventory, customers, marketing promotions, shipments and tracking- Anywhere, Anytime, On the Go! Build your Store in minutes, list your products, social media strengths, enhance your brand presence on mobile and build social media community through our inbuilt features.

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Dimensions Marketing

Grow your retail business with Dimensions POS

Dimensions POS solution providing complete end to end workflow for managing punch outs, seamless payment gateway integrations.

Take Charge of your Back Office Operations from a single source!
Invoice, expense reporting, inventory sales, finance reporting, purchase orders,
taxation, user management. All hassle free and
automated from a single interface.

Dimensions Legacy System Integrations

Simple integration with Legacy & Accounting Systems to automate & streamline business processes and improve efficiencies

Dimensions Platform Highlights

Dimensions Dashboard

A complete state of art digital transformation Suite

Our Ready-to-go store will help you drive revenues today with the sophistication of any large retailer Regardless of your size and complexity, quickly and easily set up your secure store and add next-level features.

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Efficient Way to Process Orders Quickly

Dimensions Commerce Order Management coordinates your customers’ experience across all sales and fulfillment channels. It gathers information from each touchpoint, orchestrating and optimizing based on rules and processes. From capture, to source, and ultimately fulfillment, the customer remains at the center of your operation at all times.

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Manage Products

Easy Day to Day Management of Your Store Becomes Easy

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Manage Customers

Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty Building Made Easier

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Dimensions Marketing

Platform comes with rich marketing features to build strong relationships with your customers and improve conversions

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Dimensions Analytics

Better decisions are made with accurate data. Analytics provides deeper business insights with tools for data blending and accuracy to help you retain customers, spot trends and increase revenues.

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Dimensions AMI

AMI is not a traditional conversation engine, but an AI driven machine that is built with acquired learning and programmed for evolution.

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Dimensions Store

Run multiple online businesses with multiple theme, manage your end to end back office automation strategies with a single, integrated platform!

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Dimensions Enterprise Cloud

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Price Per Month $500 $750 $1250 Custom Price
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User Management
(Access Management, Role Management, Email Scheduler, Profile Settings)

3 Users

6 Users

9 Users

Unlimited Users
(Basic product Life Cycle like Add, Edit etc. Product attributes, Bulk Import/Export in Standard Plan, Product Image uploads, Campaigns in Pro Plan, Managing Product Categories)

100 Products

500 Products

1000 Products

Unlimited Products
(Add Customers, Manange Customer Groups, Customer Notifications in Pro Plan, Customer Analytics, Features Related to target Customers Marketing in Std and Pro Plan )

Unlimited Customers
Order Management
(order listing page, refund orders, RFQ quotes, Order Status, order shipping, fulfillments)

Payment Gateway
(Comes with Multiple Features & check out options)

Tax Integration
(Avalara or as per customized needs)
(Comes with Standard & Pro plan to manage your Campaigns, social media, CMS, abondened Cart Stats and Reports)

Email Marketing
Customer Journey
(Live Heat Maps, Reports, Usage History)

(Comes with Standard & Pro Plans,FAQ's, Customer Service 24x7 Support, Speech to Text support in Pro Plan )

(Company branded Mobile Apps,Comes with Pro Plan)

Purchase Orders
Asset Management
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*Any 3rd party integrations will be an additional cost.

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