Learn from your customers history and turn your data into insight. Let the data work for you!

Better decisions are made with accurate data. ANALYTICS provides deeper business insights with tools for data blending and accuracy to help you retain customers, spot trends and increase revenues.

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Dimensions Analytics

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  •  Actively engage EVERY customer

  •  Increase Customer engagement multifold on your store with ANALYTICS

  •  Strategize your future with ANALYTICS

Let the data work for you!

Better decisions are made with accurate data. ANALYTICS provides deeper business insights with tools for data blending and accuracy to help you retain customers, spot trends and increase revenues.

Get insights on where your business is going!

Our AI-driven analytics show you how your business is performing, where it’s trending and also allow you to identify customers at risk.



Actively engage EVERY customer

ANALYTICS helps you to know churn probability and find patterns in existing data associated with the predicted churn rate.


Increase Customer engagement multifold on your store with ANALYTICS

Increase your ROI and improve Customer experiences with the Advanced Store Analytics features of ANALYTICS.


Strategize your future with ANALYTICS

ANALYTICS allows you to spot trends and make the right business decisions to stay ahead of fierce market competition.

Case Study

Churn Predictive Analysis for a Retail Giant


Client had been noticing a significant reduction in its online sales for a while and needed a desperate measure to address this issue. Futurism was selected for its outstanding contribution in solving similar problems for similar domain. We identified the following business challenges:

  • 30% downfall in their order placement.
  • 55% decrease in number of returning customers.
  • Customers were leaving from the payment page without completing the transaction.
  • 15% Increase in product returns.
  • No tools to predict the reasons for all the above problems
Dimensions Solution

Dimensions provided end to end services to address this problem including requirement gathering, analysis, program design, and development and testing and showcased various outcomes on powerful dashboards.

  • Data gathering from existing data sources
  • Data cleansing performed as per business requirements
  • Data were differentiated into 2 parts- test data set for testing and train data set for evaluating model
  • Executed various models on data for finding the appropriate model to find out the best use case for predictive analysis
  • Figured out important attributes that were responsible for people churning out
  • Various Reports and Dashboards were created using Dimensions Analytics Tool

  • 60% increase in order placement.
  • 40% increase of returning customers.
  • Successful redirection of appx. 82% customers to successful payments
  • 35% reduction in returns.
  • Based on our recommendations (Dynamic Coupons, deep social integrations etc.) increased user engagements by 50%

Predictive Analytics for leading Metal Work Company


Our client is one of the leading North America’s direct marketers and distributors of maintenance, repair, operations and metal working products. We identified the following business challenges:

  • Provide customers a convenient solution in finding and purchasing products on their sites.
  • Deliver personalized recommendations based on browse and purchase behavior.
  • Provide guidance to the buyers to the most relevant products.
Dimensions Solution
  • Dimensions team worked strategically with different teams to implement product recommendations on the Product category page.
  • Similarly for product listing page as well as the Add to Cart popup modal window.
  • The recommendation strategies used on these pages included similar items, cross-sells and upsells, as well as recently purchase items.
  • Reduced the time client's team needed to figure out which products should be recommended.
  • Provided the comparable products, relevant upsells, cross-sells and present previously purchased products within the shopping cart for easy re-ordering.
  • Ultimately Increased the website visibility.

40% Faster Processing using Big Data

  • Due to a large swathe of industries, services, and operative geographical locations, the client was pushed to the corner by the huge, almost unmanageable amount of data
  • The data became much heavier and complex, as it had large-sized content forms like images, graphs, reports, visual illustrations of various market conditions
  • The challenge accentuated further since the client had no effective measures to handle and store new emerging forms of content as well as the huge amount of existing data
  • Hampered by this severe limitation, the client wasn’t able to have a quick search on huge volume of data
  • Have a Near Real Time (NRT) data search capabilities
  • Perform faceted search / full-text search
Dimensions Solution
  • Considering that the real pain point of the client was their inability to manage, store and contextualize the huge chunk of data, we devised the solution accordingly
  • For proper imbibing of data, we ensured data ingestion into Hadoop
  • To ensure secure data storage, we suggested storage into NoSQL Columnar Database HBase
  • To bring more elasticity to the client’s search, we indexed data into Search Cluster which was controlled by HBase co-processor
  • 40% faster processing of source feeds
  • Flexibility and ease of search on source feeds
  • Real-time indexing of modified data


We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information and the resilience of our systems and services.

We review our information security measures regularly to mitigate risks including accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to your personal data.

For details about the pricing part please do contact our sales team on +1 (732) 790-2938 or write us on  support@futurismtechnologies.com

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