It’s not the product anymore,

it’s the experience

In all-too-same products clamor, customer experience alone is going to emerge as the biggest differentiator in the ecommerce segment. Futurism's Digital Commerce helps you quickly create and manage unique commerce experiences along with reduced total cost of ownership.

What Dimensions Commerce can do for your business?

A flexible cloud commerce platform that gives brands the best of both worlds by combining cloud convenience, ease of use and ability to customize the brand experience, Futurism Digital Commerce offers seamless customer engagement across any digital touch-point.

How do we achieve it?

  • Personalizing e-commerce experience with end-to-end commerce processes
  • Easing up your commerce setup and reducing your total cost of ownership
  • Boosting your commerce team's productivity
  • Ensuring support to end-to-end e-commerce processes like cart checkout, product content and experience management, promotions, and order management
  • Performing seamless integration and interaction with components built natively on the same platform

All-encompassing go-to-market models

  • Delivering a reliable commerce experience throughout all your go-to-market models
  • Eliminating the need of building and maintaining integrations between your B2C and B2B commerce platforms
  • Increasing your organization's nimbleness by using a single digital platform
  • Reducing your cost of ownership with one digital commerce platform

Harnessing industry-specific capabilities

  • Including extensive industry-specific capabilities such as financial services, travel, telecommunications, media, and public sector.
  • Following built-in best practices embedded within industry-specific accelerators
  • Hurrying your time-to-value with built-in capabilities

Ensuring higher ROI with prebuilt integrations

  • Enabling end-to-end commerce processes for generating more customer-centric commerce experiences
  • Reducing risks from integrating your commerce platform with your mission-critical applications
  • Reducing your effort to integrate your commerce platform to your core business systems

Driving conversions through microservices

  • Delivering unique commerce experiences that gives you competitive edge
  • Innovatively capitalizing on opportunities by breaking the constraints of commerce platform
  • Extending the platform to address your specific needs without buying other niche solutions


  • Achieve strategic blend of content and commerce to generate flawless brand interactions.

    Dimensions Commerce’s features are in a state of constant evolution with a customer in mind. The goal is let you own your customer experience and personalized content to ensure smooth purchasing experience. One among them is Page Builder, a simple drag and drop solution.

    • Page Builder (hyperlink)
    • Customer Segmentation & Personalization
    • Content Staging & Preview
    • Instant Purchase
    • Merchandising
  • Ensure the richer customer experience with Page Builder

    Create engaging narrative with powerful content creation tools to bring in best-in-class shopping experiences without the assistance of developers.


  • Efficient Use of Time and Resources

    With in-line editing and reusable dynamic blocks, you can reduce the time required to manage site content. You can design content updates, preview them live, and schedule publication without taking help from any other team. It frees up developers from worrying about non-core things and focus on building unique shopping experiences that differentiate your brand.

  • Total Control

    Marketers can completely visualize how their content pages would be laid out without involvement of any front-end developers. You can design content with flexible layouts along with added position elements without requiring any code.

  • Greater Customer Engagement

    Create pages that engage shoppers with powerful content types – including images, videos, and banners – and encourage repeat visits by keeping content fresh and up-to-date with an intuitive drag-and-drop content management interface. Blend content and commerce by enriching product detail pages, quickly adding products to content pages, and improving product discovery with custom content on category pages.