Dimensions Commerce for Digital Transformation

Digitalization is the heart of the current time. Since ecommerce operates predominantly in the digital terrain, listening to its beats is a must for the survival of any ecommerce store. That’s where the need to digitally transform every item of an ecommerce store, including product listing, website navigation, order management, and customer service, arises. This is particularly true in the ecommerce domain where customer experience is going to emerge as the ultimate differentiator, as it’s too hard to achieve a competitive edge with all-too-common nature of products. And ecommerce stores have to achieve this without losing their focus from the core competencies. Dimensions Commerce can become your trusted arm in realizing this much needed digital transformation.

How Dimensions Commerce Helps In Digital Transformation?

  • Full Scale Integration

    Gartner has clearly said that more than 50 discrete technologies can become part of a complete digital commerce user experience in the coming times. It won’t be far-fetched to say that 50% of ecommerce sites will deliver a customer experience by integrating technologies from more than 15 vendors. All this unequivocally indicates that integration is the future. Dimensions Commerce is in alignment with these futuristic needs, as it’s been designed to create boundless possibilities of integrations.

  • Better Deployment Options

    In an era where data control, privacy, and security are becoming more important than ever, it becomes vitally important to see deployment options perfectly address your business needs. By recognizing this need, we provide you with the multiple options such as on-premise, commercial co-location, on cloud with AWS (direct). As a fully-hosted SaaS solution, Dimensions Commerce fits perfectly in your digital transformation planning.

  • Strategic and Flexible Product Extensions

    Carving out new product categories is extremely stressful. Usually it costs huge amount of money and huge chunk of time for companies. Dimensions Commerce’s full-proof ecosystem of partners and extensions ensures that digitalization touches upon this important aspect of product positioning

  • Digitalizing the Core Functionalities

    You don’t have to manually merge sales channel data, as Dimensions Commerce offers point-of-sale partners to bring automatic syncing of brick-and-mortar sales, inventory and revenue to the back-end.