Bridge the Gap between Your Physical and Online Retail Sales Efficiently

Multichannel eCommerce is a hot trend and you can capitalize on it by taking advantage of Futurism Dimensions + POS integration.

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Futurism Dimensions + POS makes multichannel selling easier for retailers who want to offer more touchpoints for customers and a seamless experience across these touchpoints. This integration enables you to do the following:


Automatic Inventory Syncing:

Synchronize product descriptions, product database, and item photos on your online store with physical store inventories and reduce manual data entry and errors.


Inventory Optimization:

Manage your online inventory and in-store inventory using an integrated POS eCommerce system and efficiently prevent out-of-stock scenarios.


Purchase Order Syncing:

Access the information of online orders and your in-store purchases at one place.


Customer Information:

Synchronize the customer information from online purchase and in-store purchase at one place.


Centralized CRM:

Take advantage of centralized CRM and track customers and their behavior across different channels.


Marketing Integration:

Integrate different SEO and marketing tools to your eCommerce store and ensure high marketability of your products.


Cross-Channel Promotions and Customer Incentives:

Expand your customer base and boost your product sales by taking advantage of cross-channel promotions through Futurism Dimensions and POS integration.

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