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Easy Day to Day Management of Your Store Becomes Easy


Case Study

A US based Leading Industry Equipment Distributor

  • Dull look and feel design led to low order placement
  • Admin was unable to make any modifications to vendor products in terms of prices, technical specifications, or other data.
  • The product catalogue wasn’t streamlined, making discoverability a problem for new and returning users
  • They were unable to prevent unauthorized access to data/information.
  • Non user-friendly store, which discouraged users from shopping.
  • Their support team had technical limitations, hence response to customers was time consuming
  • Low website performance
Dimensions Solution

Dimensions transformed client’s old e-commerce business flow into advanced online e-Commerce Portal, where customer can see, select and buy with unique new user experience. We customized the Futurism Dimensions platform with following features to meet business objectives.

  • Integrated Custom responsive designs with Futurism Dimensions Platform
  • Better product categorization was done by developing various data models
  • Developed custom workflow for backend users to manage product catalog and other contents
  • Access rights was given based on user roles,
  • Secure shopping experience provided through PCI DSS-compliant 3DES algorithm used for data encryption.
  • Applied advanced data analysis techniques to provide rich meaningful information for process improvement
  • New design increased traffic.
  • A powerful dashboard enabled the admin to manage everything with ease.
  • New product categorization increased end user engagement
  • Data encryption mechanism and role based privileges prevented unauthorized data access.
  • Real-time monetary gains with increase in orders
  • User manual and training was given to the support staff regarding how to use the backend system.
  • New platform gave the client a unique experience in terms of scalability, maintainability and usability

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