Streamline Your eCommerce Operations to Boost Business Growth

Take advantage of Futurism Dimensions – eCommerce + ERP integration to streamline your eCommerce operations and build a collaborative platform.

Power Your Business Processes with Accelerated Integration



Account management, inventory management, and risk management are now made easier on your eCommerce store through an ERP integration! You are set to benefit from this integration in the following ways:


Process Visibility and Management:

View information related to orders, categories, products, and customers on a single dashboard and make quick and appropriate decisions to facilitate company operations better.


Automated Notifications Sent to Customers:

Keep your customers informed about their current order status by sending updates on tracking, shipping, and delivery.


Streamlined Inventory Management:

Provide the accurate inventory information to customers as well as online store managers to avoid an order going into completion without a stock.


Self-service Account Management:

Access all account related information regarding customer purchase history, invoices, payment terms, as well as the buying trends across all channels at one place.


Tax Calculation and Management:

Help customers understand how much they pay in taxes based on their location.


Automated Financial Reports Generation:

Gain clarity on financial information by accessing financial reports featuring important information like Balance Sheet, P/L Statement, Cash Flow, and Balance at one place.



Storing and accessing tax, accounts, and customer related documents in one place will help you adhere to strict compliance requirements.


Streamlined Demand Management:

Gaining the visibility of inventory information coupled with customers’ buying behavior will allow you to manage customer demands easily.

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