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Case Study

A US Based Leader in Linear Motion Technology

  • Client got troubles to reel in more relevant traffic to the main website. They wanted to drive more traffic to the website and convert more leads to get noticed in the marketplace
  • Their existing was not mobile friendly and Call to Action and USPs were not targeted at the website
  • Proactive response from customers was affected and bulk orders was not placed by the customers as expected
  • Customer decision making capability was severely impacted due to bad branding and poor social media strategy
Dimensions Solution
  • Redesigned the website to stand out from the crowd with intuitive user interface, clear and simple navigation, and a cutting-edge responsive design.
  • Restructured the website as per the target audience interest and by following the latest techniques like HTML5.
  • Audited web backlinks and generate quality backlinks
  • Created user-friendly content according to industrial standards and touchpoints according to various online platforms
  • Proposed a new social media strategy to engage social media customers based on their behavious
  • Mobile Traffic, Pageviews was increased by 35%+
  • Keyword Ranking was improved by 80%
  • Facebook Likes were increased by 70%
  • Conversion Rates were increased by 47%
  • Social Engagement was increased by 121.43%
  • Organic Traffic was increased by 40% +
  • Increase in number of new users were increased by 34% +