Dimensions Commerce for Global Expansion

A natural progression for any established business is to expand its footprints. This is particularly true for an ecommerce business where anyone with internet connection and mobile device is a potential customer. But however alluring the idea of expansion may seem, it’s daunting to its core. Coming up with an international ecommerce site demands vomumionus amount of time and money. What adds to this already hard task is the threat of penalties and fines that constantly lurks which result from flouting the legal norms. Note that different countries have different rules and regulations. A slight mistake can prove lethal to your pocket as well as to your reputation. Dimensions Commerce helps you in realizing global expansion by overcoming all these threats pragmatically.

How Dimensions Commerce Helps In Getting Global Expansion?

  • Managing Multiple International Ecommerce Websites

    The flexible framework of Dimensions Commerce ensures authentic and localized brand experiences across multiple websites by easing out the day-to-day tasks. With just a drag-and-drop option, you can swiftly customize your merchandising by location. Similarly, based upon the displayed behavior of your local customers, you can also offer shop-the-look, up-sell, and cross-sell recommendations.

  • Quicker Entry to Market

    The most important thing in capturing the international opportunities is the right time. Only development speed will decide whether you are going to the ground with running – that too at the right time. Due to vast network of technology partners and limitless integration possibilities, Dimensions Commerce helps you in responding quickly to the market shifts by launching websites at the most appropriate time.

  • Globalization with a Local Touch

    Even though it’s globalization for you, the buyers still cherish the experience which is rooted to their localities. Supporting local currencies, payment methods, and languages, thus, is just the half job done. You need to bring the local flavor in everything that constitutes the overall customer experience – including website design, deals on local holidays and much more. With 100+ language packs to local system integrators and regional extensions, Dimensions Commerce ensures that you inculcate almost all the local business or custom systems in your business schema, without straining your economic backbone.

  • Flexibility

    As far as the world operations of your business are concerned, their success revolves around how quickly you adopt to ever-evolving changes in culture, language, customs, currency, tax, and laws. Dimensions Commerce’s multi-site architecture works on a common codebase and common database for all versions of your site. It naturally enables you to configure the entire website and product listings without developer intervention.