Dimensions Commerce for Omnichannel and Multichannel Mode

The rampant onslaught of technology has changed the way people used to shop in the past. Availability- on- click model has given rise to the customers’ demands of flexibility and choice. Shoppers need a total control over their buying by ordering and collecting products whenever they want, through any channel, on any device. It has made the interlinking of offline and online business stores a must. Dimensions Commerce, with its innovative Order Management capabilities, addresses these needs of your customers by delivering worthy-of-remembering omnichannel experience.

How Dimensions Commerce Helps In Delivering Omnichannel Experience?

  • Pre-Built Integrations

    Customers shop in more places now than ever in the history – making it imperative for your brand to feature in their feeds across all touch points without requiring any additional development work. Dimensions Commerce comes with pre-built integrations with Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Shopping to let you sell everywhere it matters, from a single and unified dashboard.

  • A Proper Inventory Sync

    The massive delays generated by over-selling inventory can easily erode customer loyalty. By building omnichannel integrations on Dimensions Commerce’s catalog API, we have provided a way to sync inventory from other channels to the back-end, and then off to your ERP.

  • Empowered Omnichannel Product Listings

    With pre-built applications and integrations, Dimensions Commerce allows you to better organize and optimize your multi-channel listings. You can –

    • Sync inventory across listings
    • Automate pixel placement to monitor return on spend
    • Allow multi-location fulfillment via POS
    • Expand listings on Walmart, and more
  • Merging Offline and Online Sales and Inventory

    You don’t have to manually merge sales channel data, as Dimensions Commerce offers point-of-sale partners to bring automatic syncing of brick-and-mortar sales, inventory and revenue to the back-end.

  • Cost-effective Management and Integration

    As Cloud computing and Cloud commerce are the areas where our specialization dwells, Dimensions Commerce provides high-performance without expensive capital costs and maintenance fees. The robust APIs and off-the-shelf extensions simplifies its integration with your existing systems – speedifying your entry into the market.