Dimensions Success Stories

Driving Positive Results


Dimensions helped a leading automotive brand in the U.S. provide unique buying experiences with a highly personalized eCommerce website and mobile app. Our integrated digital marketing capabilities helped the brand drive its website traffic by over 100%. Dimensions helped them launch highly curated and targeted marketing campaigns to increase the conversion rates and drive revenue by up to 39%. As the automotive industry has changed significantly over the last several years, Dimensions helped the client shift its gears online in a painless manner.



A leading Southeast Asian Electronics & Consumer appliances brand fast-tracked its digital transformation journey with Dimensions. We helped them build a strong multilingual, multi-currency and multi-country commerce platform. Dimensions’ integrated digital marketing and omnichannel capabilities helped the brand spike its sales growth by up to 65%. Automated quoting and customized payment options made bigger wholesale transactions much quicker and hassle-free for the brand.

Fashion & Apparel

A leading sunglasses manufacturing company in Norway built a strong online presence and identity with Dimensions. The all-new website helped the brand offer customizable user experiences to their visitors and launch automated marketing campaigns from a unified dashboard. Dimensions helped them reduce omnichannel commerce complexities including custom pricing, shipping, payment, etc. Integrated marketing capabilities help to attract and convert customers. We helped them connect data and processes from all back-office operations and ERP/CRM applications including cart abandonment.



A leading online travel retailer in the U.S. witnessed 67% revenue growth after migrating to Dimensions. Our eCommerce platform helped them accompany customers throughout the customer journey. Dimensions helped the brand stay connected with their customers at all critical touch points both before and after the journey. CRM integration with Dimensions enabled the client to provide personalized customer experiences. The company now utilizes social media to its fullest potential to analyze and visualize data including customer reviews and feedback from disparate social media platforms and use the same to deliver tailored offers and promotions.