Dimensions eCommerce ERP - Extend your eCommerce business’ depth and breadth with Dimensions eCommerce ERP.

Connect your processes for cohesive and future-proof operations. Get real-time business insights from connected processes, workflows and data, all from a centralized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for your eCommerce business.

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Automate accounting tasks and manage inventory (AI-driven), demand forecasting, warehouse operations, drop-shipping, vendor management, asset management, fleet management, payments, accounts and much more from a streamlined ERP platform for your entire eCommerce business. Track deliveries, purchase orders, and much more on a unified platform.


Automate Purchase Orders

When a customer purchases an item, the ERP system can automatically change the inventory counts, which will prevent customer orders from reaching the completion stage if an item is out of stock. Automate purchase order requests for faster order processing.


AI-Driven Inventory Management

Integrated ERP solution to track inventory on the go. Receive automated insights and alerts on inventory counts in real-time. No need to log into multiple systems to track your inventory, Dimensions eCommerce ERP automates the process and cuts down manual errors.


Demand Forecasting

AI-driven demand forecasting to predict the demand for a product over time. With Dimensions eCommerce ERP, you don’t have to worry about increased website traffic, sales, or product demands. ERP leverages AI to automate demand forecasting through predictive analytics.


Warehouse Management

Manage distribution and warehouse management needs with an integrated eCommerce ERP solution. Distribution process is often overwhelming including batch picking, packaging, PO receiving, counting, transferring, etc. With Dimensions eCommerce ERP, you can automate these tasks. Warehouse personnel can perform these tasks via mobile phones or tablets, wherein automated tracking eliminates any room for mistakes.



Automatically send out order requests to your dropshipping partner, supplier or vendor. Fulfill and ship orders with only a few clicks. Streamline supply and sales channels with Dimensions eCommerce ERP for all your dropshipping needs.


Vendor Management & Enterprise Content Management

Centralize product information hub. This data could be about product pricing, vendors, customers, etc. Manage all such data from a single location. Enterprise content management system to help you sell on multiple websites and a browser-based rich text editor to manage product information on your eCommerce website.


Digital Asset Management

Efficiently store, manage and share content and products across multiple customer touchpoints including your eCommerce website, social media, in-store, etc. and reduce time-to-market and streamline omnichannel commerce with Dimensions eCommerce ERP.


Fleet Management

Improve routing and offer on-time deliveries ensuring TATs. Track route deviation and delivery delays in real-time and get alerts on the same. Improve customer experience by sharing vehicle location and delays in real-time with your customers. Get daily delivery reports, total expenses and revenue on a single dashboard and improve vehicle utilization.


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