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Dimensions Standard Cloud

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Dimensions Enerprise Cloud

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Set Up Cost $2500 $3500 $4500 Let's Talk
User Management
(Access Management, Role Management, Email Scheduler, Profile Settings)

3 Users

6 Users

9 Users

Unlimited Users
(Basic product Life Cycle like Add, Edit etc. Product attributes, Bulk Import/Export in Standard Plan, Product Image uploads, Campaigns in Pro Plan, Managing Product Categories)

100 Products

500 Products

1000 Products

Unlimited Products
(Add Customers, Manange Customer Groups, Customer Notifications in Pro Plan, Customer Analytics, Features Related to target Customers Marketing in Std and Pro Plan )

Unlimited Customer Listing
Order Management
(order listing page, refund orders, RFQ quotes, Order Status, order shipping, fulfillments)

Complete Order Management Package
Payment Gateway
(Comes with Multiple Features & check out options)

Regular Payment Gateway + Options to Customize select your Preferred gateway
Tax Integration
(Avalara or as per customized needs)
(Comes with Standard & Pro plan to manage your Campaigns, social media, CMS, abondened Cart Stats and Reports)

Access to Advanced Sofisticated Features
Access to Advanced Sofisticated Features
Customer Journey
(Live Heat Maps, Reports, Usage History)

Access to Advanced Sofisticated Features
(Comes with Standard & Pro Plans,FAQ's, Customer Service 24x7 Support, Speech to Text support in Pro Plan )

Access to Personalized BOT
(Company branded Mobile Apps,Comes with Pro Plan)

Customized Mobile App
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*Any 3rd party integrations will be an additional cost.

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