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Dimensions is well equipped with features to serve various business models.

Business to Business

Dimensions Commerce is the ideal solution to support manufacturers in increasing sales, and expanding their businesses. It comprises all the solution driven features of an e-Commerce platform, while providing B2C experience to B2B customers.

Business to Consumer

The Dimensions Commerce platform offers opportunities to create multichannel marketing campaigns to attract a large customer base. They can utilize a variety of mediums to continually adapt their business strategies to ensure consistent sales, and business growth.

Direct to Consumer

Dimensions Commerce provides myriad e-Commerce solutions that can support an organization in understanding the needs and perspectives of the customers, and adapting their products to improve product sales. The features help the organization adjust its strategies to meet consumer requirements, increase sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and elevate the brand’s popularity.

Consumer to Consumer

The Dimensions Commerce is a valuable tool that helps build, maintain, and expand businesses focusing on the Consumer to Consumer (C2C) model. It is designed to support both the website owner, as well as the users who buy and sell products online. The Web Apps owner provides a fast, efficient, and user-friendly platform for online buyers and sellers.

Industries Solutions

Dimensions Commerce has the capability to be implemented and used in a variety of industrial sectors.
The platform can support businesses in creating a strong presence in any type of market. Our client industries include:



Healthcare Devices


Fashion & Beauty

Travel & Hospitality








Diversity has been seen in application of e-Commerce within various industries using different business models.
Dimensions Commerce is well equipped with features to serve various business models;

Dimensions Commerce is one solution to meets all your needs.